Inmate Acctg Automation

The Finest Inmate Accounting System

Group Inmate Billings Bill multiple inmates for the same item or services very quickly, works great for OTC Meds, Nurse Calls and Dr. Calls!

Automatically Collects for receivables at a pre-determined percentage that your facility sets. You can even collect receivables at different percentages for initial billing and deposits over time!

Cash Bonds can be done at Booking with cash or credit card, on the lobby kiosk or over the internet!

Do you do any of these:

  • Pay for Stay/Work Release. You have the ability to bill inmates for their entire incarceration and the system will bill them daily/weekly/bi-weekly automatically!

  • Audit Problems with your trust fund. This system has been audited in a number of agencies and passed with flying colors. Auditors really like a system that really tracks everything by transaction and users!

  • Your own commissary. This system has a complete inventory control system built in it already. You can increase productivity and accuracy and also have that audit trail for the inventory.

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Here is a quick demonstration of the industry standard touchscreens vs the ones used in our pod kiosks.

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